The Stitch TV Show – Episode 207

In episode 207, Lynn and Pam gear up for Bonnie Hunter Mystery season! We also talk about why fabrics feel different if you by them from local quilt shops versus a large chain store, and the merits of quilting for the journey and quilting to finish quilts.

Tips and links for this episode:

  • The quilt hanging behind us is Pam’s version of Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Mystery Quilt, Allietare! The pattern is available in her shop as a digital download.
  • Pam actually did pick her colors for the “En Provence” mystery finally!
  • Kaufman’s statement on the quality of Kona Cotton in different stores, as told to Lori Kennedy at the Inbox Jaunt.
  • What are greige goods? Perspective from Pat Sloan.
  • Episode 101 is when we talked about using Blue Dawn to save a fabric or quilt from spots or bleeding! Looking back at that we have come a long way in audio and video quality!
  • Pam tracks yardage usage on her website through her Sunday Stash reports.


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  • Audio only versions of the show are available in the Hip to be a Square podcast feed.
  • Our next Virtual Stitch-In is December 9, 2016 at 7pm US Eastern
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Author: Pam

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  1. I enjoy listening/watching your show.
    I wander like Lynn but hope to one day be more like Pam and be a finisher.
    I have listened for almost a year now and have started to talk about the two of you like your going to pop over to my house any minute (which you can by the way I am not opposed but I do live in Michigan), because of this my Mom asked yesterday when is she going to meet my quilting friends Lynn and Pam. Hopefully that is not too creepy. You are in good company, my friend and I met Tula Pink this fall and we talk about her the same way, like she is our personal friend even though she knows nothing about us.
    Keep up the great shows (love Hip to be a Square too).

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  2. Stitch U-Tube Stars,
    I have never done a plotted/with instructions Mystery Quilt. I am intrigued by the process. I look forward to working with traditional patterns and the wonderful commercial print fabrics I seldom buy. I assume,I continue to listen and watch my favorite “U-Tube Stars” and look in on Bonnie Hunters site or clues and instructions. Thanks to you both for sharing your time and talents. Shelly Beth
    I do not Instagram. But will continue to watch and listen.

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