519: Half-Square Triangle Methods and Buying Fabric Online

Pam and Lynn chat about different methods to make half-square triangles, and share tips for buying fabrics online. Note that we’re filming remote due to the current health concerns, but as of the time of this posting, we’re both healthy.

This episode is brought to you by QT Fabrics!

The quilt behind Lynn is our newest pattern Watery Tart! Check it out in our online shop.  

Author: Pam

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  1. For the magic eight method, don’t you only sew down either side of the diagonal lines and then cut on all four lines? You don’t sew on either side of the horizontal and vertical lines, do you?

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  2. Pam, your engineer brain overthunk the 8 half-square method. You only sew the diagonal (cattywhompus) lines, then cut on the vertical and horizontal lines. This is my favorite method as it keeps the triangle corners from getting sucked into my feed dogs. (I have issues.)

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  3. Help! How do you watch Quilts on Fire on Amazon Prime? I looked but can’t find it. Thanks!

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  4. You do not even realize how happy it makes me to discover other Monty Python Quilters! I have an all new respect for you ladies! ♥️

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