The Stitch TV Show – Episode 215

In episode 215 of The Stitch TV Show, Pam and Lynn talk about the awesomeness that was QuiltCon and the classes we took there, a slight correction to an earlier episode, basic sewing machine DIY and maintenance tips, and ways to overcome ugly fabric.

Tips and links for this episode:

  • DIY sewing machine maintenance tips:
    • Change your needle after every 8-12 hours!
    • Clean the lint out your bobbin case (but don’t use compressed air to do it)
    • Oil your bobbin wick, but only with a clear oil, not a yellow one. Defer to your machine manufacturer for recommendations here.
    • Consider using a micro vacuum attachment
    • Try dipping your thread in mineral oil to reduce lint
    • Only pull thread through the sewing machine as it would naturally feed through, don’t pull it backwards
    • Consider a power conditioner to make sure fluctuating power levels don’t affect your computerized sewing machine. If your lights dim when the iron turns on, avoid having your sewing machine and your iron plugged into the same circuit in your house.
  • Our ugly fabrics:


The Stitch TV Show


Author: Pam

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  1. Oh, I agree, that NZ fabric is a travesty! (and the other birds are fantails and tui)
    I’m waiting for someone to design MODERN themed NZ fabric.
    Aotearoa = Ow-tee-a-row-a with a bit of a roll on the r

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  2. I’m late watching this. But thanks for the tip about a power conditioner. What do you do when you go on retreats? Plug it in to the provided extension cords?

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  3. Hello ladies,
    I was chatting with a friend about your YouTube episode demonstrating thread dipping. Of course, I then couldn’t find which episode it was. I’m searching for the exact one where one of you actually dips a spool. Could you please help me out?
    Thanks so much,

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