The Stitch – Episode 111

This month, Pam and Lynn open with some chatter about summer vacation, and then dive into the psychology of quilting, designing quilts from scratch, and how collaboration in quilting works.

The Stitch TV Show

Author: Pam

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  1. Great episode! Congratulations on the launch of your pattern line. I’m so sad to miss the party at Red Hen but look forward to the quilts and the playlists.

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  2. (I posted this on the wrong episode…doing it again)

    Why I shrugged off the Psychology today article. A note from your animated librarian; Psychology Today is not considered an academic journal by the academic community. It is considered a popular magazine. Why? Because the stories they tell are not vetted by experts in the field. The gentlemen who wrote the article is the director of an “International Gaming Research Unit” at a college. Sure he has published a lot but that would probably be because he lives by the “publish or perish” mandate for college professors in order to keep their contractual position. Sure he has a blog about excessive behavior but the most recent post is about “Erotic Lactation”, no joke. A PhD does not necessarily make you credible, believe me, I have a doctorate, I know the community. And as we know, anyone can blog about anything they choose.

    On the one hand I guess it is nice to see the joy of quilting getting more exposure. People never believe me when I tell them how popular it is. On the other hand, I think this guy is a bozo and he should have done a little more work. Such is life.

    Thanks for a great show and thanks for making the audio available, my commute thanks you.

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  3. I was very glad to get a little more info about Psychology Today from Alison. I haven’t read the article, but I have to agree that some of the language we use is quiltmaking is not healthy. Pam’s points about mental illness being a serious problem are well taken. I try very hard not to say anything about addiction to quiltmaking, because addiction is also a serious issue and not to be joked about. Perhaps I take myself too seriously, but if you have seen the effects of addiction on generations of families, you wouldn’t joke either. Yes, some of the behavior around quiltmaking is problematic – lying about the amount of fabric owned or purchased, for example, is a problem, but not about quiltmaking. It is a symptom of another mental health issue and should be treated as such. I was glad to hear Lynn talk about the good things enumerated in the article.

    Great episode and I liked both of your thoughts on design and collaboration. Good luck on the pattern launch.

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  4. As usual, I was late listening to this as I went for a walk…but may have garnered some strange looks as I laughed out loud at parts of the show. This show is just getting better and better! I loved listening to the conversation about the different ways you collaborate and use EQ7. Keep it up – I’m a believer!

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