The Stitch – Episode 109

Check out the bookshelf quilt pattern from Daisy Fredericks on Craftsy for our new #SummerReadingQAL! Official details and fabric requirements will be up in early May to get ready for the May 24th kick-off.


And here is Josie the Saluki, of whom Lynn speaks in the last segment:

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Author: Pam

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  1. I have absolutely NO time for a QAL, so of course I’m going to do it. A combination of books and quilting? How could I not?

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  2. Did you know the bookshelf quilt is not the one shown in the first break?

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  3. The two of you crack me up! I especially love how the camera zooms in on Pam’s expressions. Each episode gets better and better!

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  4. I enjoyed this episode. I usually listen to audio at work and when I can watch the video of the episode. I’m always trying to guess your facial expressions especially when I find myself lol at something. Hopefully I can join along for the smaller version of the bookshelf quilt. I have about 8 UFO’s because I’m afraid to mess them up, I’m hoping to finish at least 4 before the end of this year.

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  5. Why I shrugged off the Psychology today article. A note from your animated librarian; Psychology Today is not considered an academic journal by the academic community. It is considered a popular magazine. Why? Because the stories they tell are not vetted by experts in the field. The gentlemen who wrote the article is the director of an “International Gaming Research Unit” at a college. Sure he has published a lot but that would probably be because he lives by the “publish or perish” mandate for college professors in order to keep their contractual position. Sure he has a blog about excessive behavior but the most recent post is about “Erotic Lactation”, no joke. A PhD does not necessarily make you credible, believe me, I have a doctorate, I know the community. And as we know, anyone can blog about anything they choose.

    On the one hand I guess it is nice to see the joy of quilting getting more exposure. People never believe me when I tell them how popular it is. On the other hand, I think this guy is a bozo and he should have done a little more work. Such is life.

    Thanks for a great show and thanks for making the audio available, my commute thanks you.

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