The Stitch – Episode 108

This month, Pam & Lynn talk all about thread! Thread for piecing, quilting, and other thread-related topics.

Lynn and Pam with Sue Nickels:


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Author: Pam

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  1. Fusible thread is used in fusible applique instead of fusing the entire piece of fabric. Also some people use it on quilt bindings. there are several videos on using it for both of these applications.

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  2. I saw a tutorial once that used fusible thread in binding your quilt. Sew on binding as usual, then sew a zig zig in the seam allowance with fusible thread. Bring your binding around and fuse to hold in place while you stitch it down. No pins or clips! Hand or machine bind. I had forgotten about it until I watched the Stitch. Now I’ll have to try it!

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  3. Enjoyed the show, and thanks for the heads up to watch the video to see Lynn laughing! A few notes: Avoid using grey thread on white/white seams — it ends up looking dirty. It looks similar to a quilt where the quilter used pencil to mark her hand-piecing lines, except it doesn’t fade with washing. Mesh covers keep threads from unspooling, they’re inexpensive and you don’t need to schedule freezer time. Fusible thread – found a great article at with different uses. Note that it is a thicker thread too, perhaps best for bobbins.

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  4. I am so appreciative that you shared your thoughts on thread. This was topic glazed over when I was first was learning to quilt. Since I have begun to use a long arm, I was interested in what you would say about piecing on the domestic machine and quilting on the long arm, especially the mention of brands. You also put silk and wool thread on my radar, so thanks for all.

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  5. My daughter turned me onto to podcasts where I started listening to you only to discover you film it as well! I loved listening to your show. You crack me up as well as gave me nany tips! I had company the week of the Atlanta shows and could mot get there! I live in Greenville, SC so only 2.5 hours drive. I am very interested in improving my skills ie domestic machine quilting, machine embroidery, and art quilting!! I will explore your website to see if and where you offer classes or classes offered in Atlanta area!!! Took many notes to explore internet on things you talked about! Thank uou so much for your podcasts!!!

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  6. I don’t agree that you should always use the same color in the bobbin as on the top. If I have the same weight thread (I mostly use Aurifil 50wt for machine quilting), then I feel free to use a color to match the back of the quilt that is different from the top. I don’t have an expensive machine and I have never had a problem with tension.

    Annie Smith has a detailed post on thread at: She also talks about the polyester debate. That episode has a traditional bent to it, but she backs up her statement with research.

    Also, I think the thin Superior Thread mentioned is called Bottomline and was designed by Libby Lehman.

    I believe the setup you describe Sue Nickels using to present was pioneered by Ricky Tims. I took a class from Libby Lehman and she did the same thing. It was fantastic. See a picture at: Definitely a pain to haul around, but great for students. Guilds should have the setups so teachers can use them when they come for a class or lecture.

    I clean out my bobbin case every time I change a bobbin. I do this rather than on every project since I work on multiple projects at one time. There isn’t a defined end of project, usually.

    The Aurifil monofilament is awesome. It is unparalleled in its quality. I have used Bottomline in the bobbin as well. Your tip is about slowing down is key. I sometimes couch with monofilament thread if I don’t want another design element.

    We use Memorial Day for the white shoe rule, in case California opinions matter.

    Keep up the good work!

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  7. Late to the game, it took me the sittings to finish the episode – too much going on here right now.
    I used fusible thread for fusible applique. I stitched around the shape, cut it out and fused it down. That way the fabric does not get stiff from using fusible web.

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  8. The two of you make me laugh out loud!! I love the quilt in the background in Episode 108.

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