The Stitch – Episode 107

This month, Pam and Lynn talk about stash organization, traditional versus modern quilting, and piecing quilt backs.

  • Pictures of Pam’s stash – yardage and scraps
  • Pictures of Lynn’s stash – yardage (note the full row of orange!)


  • And her FQs, novelty prints and scraps:


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Author: Pam

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  1. Really enjoyed today’s show, it’s both witty and informative. Lynn, how difficult was it to become an appraiser and what were the steps? Also how did both of you become so confidant in color selection for your quilts? This is the area I’m so unsure of myself in.

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  2. Morning ladies. I liked the discussion around modern and traditional quilting. As you taped this show before the winners of Quiltcon 2016 were announced I would be interested in you having a discussion or sharing your opinions/positions around the criteria and judging on their Best of Show quilt, My Brother’s Jeans.

    Lynn as an appraiser, Pam as someone that just created a powerful quilt, Quiltparison the Thief of Joy and both of you as members of a Modern Guild and having worked with the judges at ECCQ have experience in this arena. I am concerned to think that the new mantra for Modern Quilting could become – Modern Quilting, Workmanship doesn’t matter.

    Also it would be nice when you discuss things you do like folding fabric if you actually shared the how to part. Pam your 6 inch ruler and Lynn your comic book backers are both great ideas but would have had more impact with a quick demo of how you actually do teh wrapping with the tools :-). Perhaps it could be a quick tip video in the off production weeks.


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  3. Wow you ladies are organized. If you ever decide to hire out, let me know, I’ll be your first client. I’m really enjoying your show.

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  4. Hello! I just found you on YouTube, LOVE your videos!

    Just saw episode #107 had a comment about those quilts that are “Jacked up” I use mine as pet beds… best of all if you don’t need a new pet bed you can always donate them to your local shelter!

    Thank you for the wonderful videos & information that you give!

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