The Stitch – Episode 105

Lynn and Pam chat about batting, working with panels, and the Top 10 things you shouldn’t say when you receive a handmade gift.

  • Pam’s quilt hanging behind us was made from the Jingle BOM by Erin Russek
  • Our next Virtual Stitch-In is January 15, 2016!

Thanks to our sponsor Atlanta NW Sewing Machine Service and Repair and our partners 77peaches and Big Think Productions!

Author: Pam

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  1. OMG! No No No, I don’t want to revert back to the Counrty Blue and Pink ever again.

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  2. Why do you use wool batting for art/show quilts?

    I’ve never used bamboo batting, but I felt a blanket using it at a vendor booth a a show. It was SO snuggly!

    I have five of the Little Golden Book panels. It took me awhile, but I got them done. I did use scraps of cotton batting. I also put rick-rack in the seam of the cover. Ooh, boy, was that a pain, but they look pretty good! My kids are almost too old for them now, so I have to decide which of my friends I like enough to give them to.

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  3. Hi ladies just discovered your show and am enjoying the episodes! I’m still catching up on episodes but wanted to comment on a couple of things you talked about and hope you haven’t already addressed these in the future episodes I haven’t seen yet:

    For an interesting article about “why wash a batting?” see this post by Sue Garman (a prolific quilt designer):

    Re: Bamboo batting: Bamboo is actually marketed as a “renewable” resource not a “recyclable” one as Lynn said. The idea being that the stock of bamboo trees are easily replaced as opposed to the trees we get paper from.

    Lynn, if you have trouble rocking the needle, you may want to try quilting with Jean Brown’s “Aunt Becky” tool (see this video: Using this tool on the underside of your quilt, it initiates and completes the “rocking motion” rather than your hand doing the work and the bonus is there’s no need to develop callouses on your fingertips!!

    Re: Storing Quilts: Lynne, as an appraiser what do you think about the technique of “folding your quilts on the bias”? (see this post by Ann Fahl: ht although I’ve also seen this recommended by John Flynn and the Piece ‘O Cake ladies). This is what I do and hope it is an effective way to avoid permanent creases.

    Look forward to watching the rest of them!

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