How to Clean Machinger Quilting Gloves

This week, we’re showing you a tip to extend the life of your Machinger quilting gloves! While we love these gloves for the breathable material, because they are white, they do show dye transfer and other schmutz quite easily.

There are instructions on the package on how to clean them, but we found in talking to quilters they still didn’t know how to clean Machinger gloves. When we met the founder at last year’s Fall Quilt Market, we asked her too, and this videos gives the two top tips for cleaning them.

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Author: Pam

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  1. Perfect timing! I’m getting ready to teach a quilting class and my Machingers need a good wash.

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  2. Thank you! I have dirty machinery. Tried washing in washing machine and didn’t clean at all.

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  3. I’don’t hang them in the shower or on the towel rack in the tub.

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