506: Quilted Hearts and Coverlets vs Quilts vs Duvets

In this episode, Lynn and Pam talk about the Quilted Heart phenomenon and the differences between coverlets, quilts, comforters, duvets, afghans, and blankets. This episode is brought to you by QT Fabrics and EnMart!
The quilt hanging behind us is our new Dapper bowtie quilt pattern! You can get the digital quilt pattern, or check out the new video course to give you step by step instructions (the digital pattern included in the video course). Helpful links and tips from this episode (some links via Amazon Affiliate links):    

Author: Pam

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  1. Hi Ladies – Hope you are recovering from Quilt Festival. I had a question about the markers/pencils that Lynn uses on her quilts. She has mentioned them many times, and I have tried digging through old videos to see if you have an amazon link t them, but I am not finding one. Could you please let me know the brand and name, thank you. Angel.

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