402: “Never Have I Ever” Quilty Edition

In this episode, Lynn and Pam take viewer questions and do a round of “never have I ever”. Learn more about us that you ever wanted to. This episode is brought to you by The Stitch TV Show shop!

The quilt hanging behind us is our new pattern, Little Pink Houses! It’s a jelly-roll friendly log cabin quilt; it also works well with 5 different half-yards.

Helpful links and tips from this episode:

  • Check out Making It! on NBC if you’re in the US. It’s been renewed for a second season
  • Nailed It! is on Netflix.
  • Our friend Andi is the Sewing Doc. Check her out for vintage machine maintenance and repair.
  • We recommend a quarter-inch seam gauge to get a true quarter inch and scant quarter inch seam.
  • We recommend a square ruler to help square up blocks and units. This 12 1/2″ one is a handy size for most blocks.


  • Today’s episode was brought to you by The Stitch TV Show shop! Your source for quilt patterns, notions, and show merchandise.


Author: Pam

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