305: Non-Traditional Quilt Backs and Lighting in the Sewing Room

Join us to learn more about non-traditional quilt backs like fleece, minky, sheets, and more, and what to look for in sewing room lighting.

This episode is brought to you by Ink & Arrow Fabrics and Famore Cutlery!

The quilt hanging behind us is Islands in the Stream, from the September / October issue of Modern Patchwork!

Tips and links for this episode:

  • The tutorial for the hexagon pincushion caddy can be found at Penny’s Hands.
  • Here’s our selfie with Jane Sassaman!

  • Pam’s Pittsburgh Steelers quilt with the fleece back:

A Terrible Quilt


  • Today’s episode was brought to you by Ink & Arrow Fabrics, because fabric should be fun! Check out their Pixie Dots basics line!
  • Thanks also to our sponsor Famore Cutlery; learn how to stay sharp with their line of scissors and cutting implements.


Author: Pam

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