How Should I Quilt This? Viewer Submissions Part 2

In this video, we’re tackling the second round of viewer submissions to suggest quilting designs to help quilters finish their quilts!  NOTE: we had some technical glitches with the video encoding software, and went back and forth on whether to release this or not; without more runway before we left town for Houston, we decided to put it out as is, and keep the submissions open for a 3rd video with a better video set up and no glitches.

If you’d like to submit a quilt top for us to give some thoughts on for a quilting design, you can email it to info at thestitchtvshow dot com, link to a photo here in the comments, or submit it in our Facebook group What’s Up Stitches?  We’ll record the next video in this series in late November, so get your quilt tops in by Nov 22 to make the next video.

Author: Pam

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