Wholesome Quilt Content for Fifth Friday

Since our long-form videos come out on the first through the fourth video of the month, when the occasional fifth Friday rolls around we get to have a little bit of fun from all over.

First up, Lynn recorded a fun interview with her cousins/niece at the family reunion a little bit ago, so enjoy that fun conversation above!

Next, we talked on our Quilting Book Club on Color Theory about a graphic that mapped out all the solid fabrics.  That particular graphic and article is from the Aug/Sept 2019 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. You can also go play with the digital color wheel online at Steph Skardal’s website! Seriously – pick a color scheme type like complementary, triadic, etc – pick a manufacturer or two, and then start clicking the color wheel to see fabric names and tones you can go get to make the quilt of your dreams!

Author: Pam

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