We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bolt, Ya’ll

I’m so pleased to introduce our latest quilt pattern if only because it makes me laugh every time I say the title.  Please meet “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bolt”.

The recommended playlist includes Jaws. And Sharknado. We’re ridiculous like that.

This a two block quilt; the blocks are, appropriately named “Sharks” and “Tornados”. Yes, really. The piecing techniques use sew and flip methods, chain piecing, and some scrap saving techniques to make the shark teeth border.

The feature fabric for the cover pattern is In Deep Ship by Ink and Arrow for QT Fabrics. The print includes a hilarious take on life savers, which say fun phrases like “Good Greef” and “Yeah Bouy”.

To get a clearer view of the pattern, here’s an alternate layout using solid colors.

Check out the pattern and get the fabric requirements and your own copy at our digital pattern shop!

Author: Pam

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