The Stitch meets Bonnie Hunter

We recently had an opportunity to take some workshops from Bonnie Hunter when she visited our guild in June.  She’s very kindly mentioned our show in a recent blog post, so to any new viewers from Quiltville, welcome!  We hope you enjoy our show.

Pam took the “Blue Ridge Beauty” workshop, and whipped up a lap-sized version she called “Inside Out Penguin” (because it’s black and white and red all over, like a tacky grade school joke).

Inside Out Penguin

Lynn took the “Crabapples” workshop from Bonnie’s book “Adventures With Leaders & Enders!“. You can spot Lynn’s sample in signature Stitch colors of teal and orange!

We did our fair share of hobnobbing, too!

Hobnobbing with @quiltville_bonnie ! #quilting #quiltville

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Bonnie was a delight, as expected! We’re looking forward to making more of her patterns, and the new mystery coming this fall!

Author: Pam

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  1. Hi. I’ve come for a peek from Quiltville. Looking forward to hanging around here too!

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  2. looks like you both had a great time. congrats on getting Bonnie to mention The Stitch.

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  3. Wow! Must have been a blast! I wasn’t able to attend her workshop when she was in Delaware a couple years ago. boo hoo

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