The Quiltville Good Fortune Mystery Quilt Plan

I’ve been doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts since 2012. Truth be told, I waffled on doing it this year; we have had a lot going on this year with the pattern business and talk show and t-shirt line and Market and…. yeah. A lot. We declared November and December “us time” to work on what we wanted, and it seems like we each took 2 weeks off and now we’re back in the thick of it, which I assume is because we both love doing it.

So, when I put two and two together, that Mystery Season was coming, and that we have a nephew getting married sometime next year, well, the stars aligned and I’m in on Good Fortune! This nephew loves Halloween, but I did not want to assume that his new bride would be amenable to a potentially spooky quilt for their bed. I pulled her aside and asked at Thanksgiving, and lo and behold she gave me the go-ahead on Halloween colors!

As such, my “neutrals” are black, and the rest of the colors are somewhat close in value to Bonnie’s original palette. Orange, green, purple, gray, and black! I even found a wideback on sale on Black Friday to use.  I’ll end up adding a border or two to make it the right size, but it should be fun! I’m done with clue 1 and partway through clue 2, and trying to leader-and-ender other projects as I complete these units. As a result I’m almost done with the quilt top for a pattern I submitted to magazine.

If you want to see some of our talk show coverage of mystery quilts, check out episode 308 (which also includes fabric scrap storage tips)! Check out other quilting progress in Bonnie’s linkup.


Author: Pam

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  1. This should be a striking quilt, Pam. I have been doing Bonnie’s mysteries for four years now, and this is the first time I am not following her color scheme closely. I thought jewel tones were more to my liking. I’ve got turquoise, fuchsia, olive green, and purple is my orange. Sorry, Lynn! Have fun!

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