The Only Awkward Hug You Actually Want

I’m awkward at hugging, I admit it. Throw together emotional scarring from middle school bullying with some really awkward workplace encounters, and it’s a wonder I ever engage in human contact outside of my house. I have found, however, that the best way to get over my weird hang-ups is to drag them out into the light, point at it, and proclaim loudly, “Look at this weird thing I do.”

It may not be as charming in reality as it is in my head, but it certainly helps diffuse the weirdness.

It’s no wonder, then, that I got Some Looks when I took a quilt into my office to photograph just to celebrate the awkwardness of workplace hugs. Behold, I give you our newest quilt pattern, the Awkward Hug quilt:

This quilt is a 2 1/2″ strip-friendly quilt pattern (aka – it’s good for jelly rolls!) that’s a play on the X’s and O’s used to sign letters. When doing research I discovered there is much contention about whether the X is the kiss, or the O is the kiss. Who knew?

I made the cover quilt with some yardage of four different fabrics for the rings, but have grand designs for a jelly roll friendly version. It was previously released in Modern Quilts Unlimited as a couch size, but I’ve added a second size option for a lap size that’s slightly smaller (80″ square vs 60″ square).

You’ll see Awkward Hug hanging in an upcoming talk show episode, but what we don’t talk about is a Very Special Playlist for the quilt pattern.  In most of our patterns, we provide suggestions for movies and music to accompany the sewing and quilting process (in addition to our shows, of course!), but this playlist has a list of Greatest Awkward Hugs in Movies and Television.  Here’s a sneak peek at one of my favorites:


Author: Pam

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  1. Love this. The design is genius in capturing the concept and a really cool quilt!

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  2. You may be awkward at hugging but you have a power of creativity

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  3. Why is it that the kids who got picked on, bullied or just didn’t fit in to the In Groups grew up to be the most interesting and talented? Not saying that I did or anything, lol. But most of my interesting friends have that in common. And, no, I don’t enjoy hugging people once they are old enough to talk.

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  4. Beautiful quilt, Pam! Just like you…always remember that! <3

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