Tackle the Sew and Flip Method Four Ways!

This week, y’all, is the week I’ve been DREADING. I’ve said on the talk show before that I struggle with the “sew and flip” method in quilt making, but for YOU dear viewers, I took it on. I took it on so much that I tried four different ways to see which would be the most successful for me.

Check out the video to see the results; I tried my usual “stitch and hope” method, marking with a pencil, marking by pressing, and pre-trimming. Truthfully I found the most success with the pre-trimming method, but your mileage may vary! I also like that that particular method neatly trims up the bonus triangles for me, too, although you could just chuck those trimmings into the bin.

After all the sewing and flipping is done, it’s time to put the blocks together for the quilt! These should go pretty quickly with an assembly line-style and some chain piecing. If you need a refresher on how chain piecing and webbing quilt blocks (and even a quilt top!) works, check out this earlier video from our channel.


If you really want to work ahead, you can use those strips for the piano key border as leaders and enders as you piece the blocks.  After the blocks are put together, take a minute to relax, and catch the next episode of the talk show on Friday! Next week we’ll work on assembling the center and tackling those borders; we like a miter and have a video to help you through them, but you can avoid them if you really want to.

Don’t forget, the pattern comes with three sizes of quilts – couch (74 x 74″), twin (74 x 92″), or queen (92 x 92″). The number of strips you need will increase for the bigger sizes, but a standard jelly roll can make either the couch or the twin. You can still catch up if you’ve not got the pattern yet!

Click through to our shop to see the pattern and the fabric requirements to see if you want to dive in and participate; on the pattern page, click on “Description” to see the fabric requirements. The videos in the series will be freely available even if you’re not participating in the quilt along, and we’d love to see what you make!

Author: Pam

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