#SummerReadingQAL – Week 6

Here we are, in final top assembly for the Summer Reading Quilt Along! If you’re following Daisy’s “Bookshelf Quilt” pattern to the tee, you’ll assemble four rows of four blocks with some shelf strips in between, and then add the remainder of the bookshelf as an outer border.

If you want to mix it up a bit, though, you can get fancy and add some feet or other bookshelf details.  Pam went with a midcentury modern-ish feel with some tapered feet, so here is a loose tutorial to mimic that.

Cut the Feet

To mimic the tapered feet, you can either use a tumbler ruler or a fat Dresden ruler to get the trapezoid shape (parallel top and bottom with slanted in sides) from the bookshelf fabric. Pam’s measure about 4 inches at the widest part and are 5 inches tall.

Cut the Background Fabric

Cut a 5″ by WOF piece of “wall” fabric (or the same height as the feet you just cut). Lop off a 21″ length, and trim the short edges at the same angle as the bookshelf feet so it’s a very wide trapezoid.

Cut the remaining length of the wall fabric into two equal parts, and layer the two pieces right sides together. Trim the short edges of one side to the same angle as the bookshelf feet.

Sew It All Together

Lay out the 5 pieces so the top and bottom edges are aligned and the pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle going short wall piece, bookshelf foot, long wall piece, bookshelf foot, and final short wall piece. Stitch the row together and press well.

Mark the center of the strip unit with a pin, and mark the center of the bottom of the bookshelf. Align these and pin so you are centering the feet on the bookshelf itself. Stitch, and press well.

Feel free to recruit a helper if needed.

Helpering with feet

I added some additional wall fabric pieces to fill out the quilt top so the bookshelf appeared as if it was against a wall.



Regardless of whether you jazz up the bookshelf itself, you’ll still need to quilt it!

When Pam quilted hers, she used a walking foot to outline the 4 shelves and secure that first.  After that, she free-motion quilted the books in a variety of patterns in a neutral thread that coordinated.  The patterns alternated between simple outlining for skinny books, a straight binding mark, a curved binding mark, and an X shaped binding mark, seen in the close up below.


Remember if your light quilting stitches stray into a dark area, you can cover that up with a couple strokes of a Pigma pen or Sharpie!

Pam then filled in some additional straight line stitching in the bookshelf fabric and some meander in the wall fabric.

IMG_1808We’ve seen some people already put their tops together on Instagram, but if you’re not that far along, we’re keeping the final Linky open for two weeks until July 12!

Link to your finished top or finished quilt for a chance to win the fat quarter bundle or the strip set!  We’ll have two winners here at the end to thank you all for stitching along with us!


Author: Pam

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  1. Thanks for the finishing tips! I have been waiting to put the top together. Thanks for the quilting tips too. Iwas thinking of hand quilting it, but i think machine quilting will be so much faster!

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  2. I wish I had joined in on this one!!
    BTW, I have a Tuxedo kitty helperer also! My little guy isn’t as slim and trim as yours though. 🙂

    p.s. I’m one of those “listen on iPod, have comments in my head, but rarely remember to get online and post them” type of longtime listeners!

    Love your podcasts, Pam and Lynn!

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  3. Well I didn’t get mine finished but I have four tops in progress. Took immense amounts of time to get different book titles embroidered for four different people but I think it is going to be so worth it. Have all the blocks done for two of the quilts and more than half done for the other two. Thanks for doing the quilt along. I never would have been motivated to get so much done so quickly on such an ambitious project without you guys!

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