#SummerReadingQAL – Week 2

Welcome to the 2nd week of the Summer Reading Quilt Along! This week, we’re ramping up a bit with three blocks, blocks 3, 4, and 5.

If you haven’t gotten the pattern yet, it’s not too late! We’re using Daisy Frederick’s “Bookshelf Quilt” pattern on Craftsy. The cost is $5.95, and in that you get all 16 blocks for the bookshelf pattern and the assembly instructions for the basic bookshelf.

Here are Pam’s versions of the three blocks for the week:

Blocks 3-5

Refer back to the tips post to refresh ideas on these first angled pieces! Remember if the angles don’t quite match on that vase block, you can use a Pigma pen or Sharpie in the color of the darker fabric (in my case, the background) to round out where the pieces meet to minimize the mismatch!

iPod BlockThis week we also have the pattern for the iPod block! Despite our best efforts, the foundation is printing a funky halo mark around one of the pieces.  If one the blocks going forward isn’t to your taste, or you just want to jazz it up a bit, you can download the foundation pattern here.  The iPod is pieced from the center out, with some tiny pieces to make up the curved corners.

We also have pictures of Pam’s finished quilt!  As she mentioned on Episode 110 of The Stitch, she added some feet to make her version a little fancier. When we get to the later week after the top is done, we’ll show some close-ups of the quilting to give you some ideas for those book spines, if you aren’t doing fancy embroidery for them.


This week, Pam is reading beachy things on vacation with some nice lady stories and possibly a dragon. Lynn is still reading about dragons. We’ve also made plans to go see the live action version of Pete’s Dragon when it comes out in August; it felt appropriate.

Don’t forget to share your in-progress pics on social media with the #SummerReadingQAL hashtag, and tell us what you’re reading (or listening to!).

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  1. Thanks so much, Pam and Lynn! I am quilting along doing 4 bookshelf quilts! I am hoping to finish one for each of myself and 3 girlfriends. I’m machine embroidering titles on the book spines with titles of some of our favorite books (so each one of the quilts I’m doing will have some different titles here and there based on the book taste of the recipient). I guess we will see how well I keep it up, but I just finished yesterday my week one blocks so just in under the wire for the first week, I guess! Anyway, glad you’re doing this so it will hopefully help motivate me to keep moving on these as I think the completed quilts are going to be so fun. I love my first two blocks (that batch may have been an easy batch, though, as I started out with books that all 4 of us love so I was able to chain work on these).

    I’m not sure if I will do the vase block this week. I might skip it. I’m not really much of a vase girl. Or maybe I will do it for one or two of the quilts but not all of them and just replace it with one of the book blocks or the ipod…. Decisions, decisions…

    Anyway, thanks again and hope everyone else is having fun, too.

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