Step 5 of the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

Let’s start with a rather bold side note: that daily blogging thing isn’t really working out, is it? Ah, well. I’m blogging more, but in my defense I have finished four quilt tops in the last two days, and three of them are basted. None of them are Christmas gifts; 3 will likely be donated to children’s services through my guild and 1 is a sample for an upcoming pattern. I also have another pattern sample top done and ready to baste, plus two others already in the pile and whoo boy I now have a pile-up of quilts to be quilted: SEVEN.

Fortunately step 5 of Bonnie’s mystery didn’t take long so that got done pretty quick. I also took advantage of that piecing to leader-and-ender my way through the blocks for one of those pattern samples, so it’s all good.

Don’t forget to check out the other quilters’ progress in Bonnie’s link-up, and Merry Christmas!

Author: Pam

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