Step 3 of the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt

I had one of the weekends where we didn’t have a ton planned, which is so glorious because I can work on whatever was needed. And of course, what was needed was some quilting! I filmed a couple short tutorial/tips videos for the channel, but was mostly excited to finish up step 2 of the Good Fortune mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter, and got step 3 properly wrangled as well.

There are times when I’m still questioning my color choices because of the value contrast (or lack there of) but it’s a bit too late now! I think it’ll turn out okay, but part of the excitement of a mystery quilt is not knowing how it’s all gonna turn out.

Check out the other quilters in Bonnie’s link up!

Author: Pam

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  1. I am fascinated by your colors. And the Star Wars fabric is really going to work out well and will be such a conversation starter.

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