Sewlebrity Soft Pants Stitch-In with Christopher Thompson, The Tattooed Quilter!

In this episode of the Sewlebrity Soft Pants Stitch-In, Pam and Lynn of The Stitch TV Show talk with Christopher Thompson aka The Tattooed Quilter! We know Chris from his lecture at QuiltCon and his fabulous Instagram account, but learn more about his start in quilting, and preferences on sour vs sweet, Destiny’s Child vs TLC, and what Broadway show might be overhyped.

Chris showed off the start of his adorable pineapple mini; here’s the finished product!

Check out his new collection Blue Carolina with Riley Blake Fabrics, shipping to stores this month!

Edie wanted to participate in the conversation, too:

Learn more about Chris and his quilts on social media:

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Author: Pam

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