Shop My Stash: Half Square Triangle Bonanza

If you watch our show for any length of time, you’ll see that Lynn and I approach things very differently. I don’t usually start a quilt until I’ve mapped out what it will look like at the end; really it’s incredible that I’ll participate in a mystery quilt-along at all! Lynn will grab a bunch of fabrics and just start cutting and sewing and it will turn out amazing. Neither of us is quite sure how the magic happens for the other.

Occasionally, however, one of tries to do things the other’s way. In this case, I just started cutting and sewing a bevvy of prints from my stash; mixing up the prints is not something I’m quite sure I can do well yet (I still dress in mostly solid colors). The results turned out well enough, even if I overshot my mark a bit.  Check out the video to see what I mean!

Author: Pam

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