Sewing Long Seams Better

Sewing long seams in quiltingI hate pinning. Not only do I tend to poke myself with the pins, I hate anything that keeps me from actually stitching fabric together, and the time spent pinning could be spend stitching!

When it comes to sewing long seams, like those from the outer rounds of You Spin Me Right Round, you sometimes have to sacrifice your hatred of pinning for the sake of ending up with a flat quilt top.

To strike a balance, I put two pins in a long border seam: one at the end, and one at the matched centers of the two pieces of fabric.  I don’t put a pin at the beginning of the seam since that’s going to start off even under the presser foot.

I keep the fabric feeding evenly by putting equal tension on the top and bottom fabric layers, as in the picture. I can do this by putting the top layer between my thumb and index finger, and the bottom layer between the index and ring finger. This helps avoid the wavy borders that can develop from sewing those long seams together!

Author: Pam

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