Sewing Better with Scrappy Binding

Remember the last “sewing better” post when I talked about trimming the batting and backing from quilted projects? Here’s a tip on what to do with all those long skinny backing scraps!

Since I do a lot of scrappy quilts, I find that they can often stand up (visually) to some added interest on the binding. To paraphrase, sometimes too much of a good thing is even better! ¬†When I trim those backing strips, I cut them down to 2 1/8″ strips (my preferred binding width), and store them with like colors so I have them handy to make scrappy binding.

Scrappy Binding on a Quilt

This particular quilt was one of my En Provence Mystery quilts from Bonnie Hunter’s 2016 mystery. I made a smaller size to donate, and you can see the colors are pretty vivid, so the scrappy binding is a perfect touch!

When I trim these scraps, I will typically not go shorter than 6″ in length; I find the join seams can get a little cumbersome if the pieces are shorter than that.


Author: Pam

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  1. DID you have lessons on how to square a quilt top …. I am almost to the point I will have several quilts to square up in the next couple of months.

    Can you talk about this on the STITCH TV as well as write up instructions ….

    THIS is always my downfall in finishing quilts …. I avoid it like the plague.


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