Sewing Better with Immediacy

This week I’d like to confirm that adages are often true because they are time-tested. “Out of sight, out of mind” works, you guys! Take for example this quilt center, and my one true UFO.

Dresden Garden

It’s been hanging in my powder room, unfinished, for years.  For a while I was convinced I didn’t finish it because I fell out of love with it. Having pulled it out for a Virtual Stitch-In in September, I think, it’s been hanging in my actual sewing room for a couple months. The issue I’m having still is that I don’t want to work on it because I don’t want to mess it up.

It’s not the applique or the piecing I’m worried about. I want to cross-hatch the background behind the flowers and I’m scared I can’t do it justice. So of course, why even get the top done since I might mess up the quilting.

That part is still lingering in my mind, but having it in my sewing room is reminding me how much I love it. I don’t want to shove it in a bathroom and look at it when I pee, or shove it out of the way to do laundry. I want to finish the thing and look at it in a much better room than the bathroom.

And honestly, if I had pulled this out and hated, I would have peeled the applique off (it’s glue basted) and done something else with it and repurposed the background for another project and just moved on. “Finishing” something doesn’t necessarily mean completing it; it could just mean “being finished with it”. Give that languishing UFO to friend, stuff it into a pet bed, or light a bonfire and make some s’mores.

So yes, it was out of sight and out of mind, and now it’s back, and like so many ugly or hard decisions, it’s best to face them head on and just tackle it to get it done. Clear it out of your brain, whether it’s a quilting UFO or project around the house or something you need to carry to another room to put away. The effort you spend thinking about how you should be doing The Thing just takes away time from doing The Thing; we’re all better than that!

Author: Pam

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