Sewing Better with Finger Pressing

When I need to get into a groove and create a number of units, as happens frequently with a certain mystery quilt going on right now, I usually don’t press the unit until it’s all the way done. That means the first wing of a flying geese or v-block or the first seam of a four patch doesn’t get hit with an iron mid-way through.

Enter the finger pressing!

I usually tackle these units in groups of 20 to break up the monotony, and finger pressing 20 at a time doesn’t make my fingers sore.  I did get one comment on the Instagram video I posted about hurt fingers, so wanted to advise that there are actual wooden or plastic tools called “finger pressers“. You still have to use your hands, but the pressure is put primarily on the tool instead of your finger.

It’s still healthy to get up from your sewing machine and move every 30-40 minutes, but I also find it healthy not to burn the bejeebus out of my fingers if I can help it!

Author: Pam

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  1. Wooden clothes pins work well for pressing as well. Would think tongue depressors would work too. Sister uses orange sticks. Lots of repurpose items you can use.

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