Sewing Better with Design Choices

Sewing Better with Design ChoicesWhile “Design Choice” sounds like a very lofty idea stemming from rigorous academic study, the fact of the matter is that in quilting, making a design choice means you chose to alter a design. In my case, a good bit of the time that stems from covering up a mistake.

Case in point, this block here. It was supposed to have a square in the middle. You’ll note that it has a square in a square instead.

Now, I didn’t change the block design because I wanted to be fancy, although that is a choice I’ve made before. This particular block ended up like this because I made a mistake in cutting.  I cut that green square too small to be the center square, so rather than redo the rest of the green fabrics with another fabric so it all would match, or piecing together green fabrics to make the center square, I made a small alteration that kept the fabric consistent and saved me time from re-doing previous work.

That, my friends, is the beauty of a Design Choice. Roll with your mistakes, and turn then into opportunities! That way you can “PAM it” and not spend any more time dwelling on mistakes and move on.

Author: Pam

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