Sewing Better with Custom Quilt Motifs

If you want to get better at free motion quilting, the best thing to do is practice. Even if you logged 20 minutes of bad quilting today, you’re still getting FMQ stitch mileage.  There are a ton of books and websites with sketches of motifs, but personally I hate marking quilt designs.  I’ll do it when needed, but one of my favorite things to do it outline or follow the motif on the fabric I quilting.

Big, bold prints, which are popular now, give lots of real estate to practice, and it doesn’t have to be as daunting as a king size quilt! I recently made some composition book covers for a school fundraising that took advantage of a bold print.

I followed the circular motif with a giant spiral, and did some loose pebbles on the adjacent flowers.  Since I had pieced in a couple complementary strips, I used different quilting designs to bring out the visual distinction between the three fabric designs.

I’ve also done this with placemats and catnap mats (small quilts the size of fat quarters I make for my cats to lay on and keep some of the cat hair off the furniture), since the smaller sizes make great practice pieces that can actually be put to use afterwards.

Author: Pam

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