Send Us Your Pics for “How Should I Quilt This?”

Well the votes are in and one of the winners of the replacement shows for our two missing book clubs will be a special “how should I quilt this?” episode! That means, though, that we need to get some pictures from you all to help fill the show!

In all cases, we’re hoping for a full, flat show of the quilt; having it draped over something makes it hard to see and not as easy to draw on once we print it out.  You can also have someone else holding the top while you take a pictures. Regardless, here are the ways you can submit pictures of quilt tops for us to work with:

  • In the comments, share a link to your blog, flickr, or other photo hosting URL if you’ve already posted a picture of it somewhere.  Instagram is a littler harder since they make it difficult for us to actual get the jpg file of the picture to work with, but if that’s all you have we’ll try to make it work.
  • Email us a picture of the quilt to info at thestitchtvshow dot com
  • Post it on our Facebook group What’s Up Stitches and let us know is for the How Should I Quilt This episode!

We’re asking for all pics to be submitted by next Friday Sept 20 at 5pm US Eastern so we can file the episode over the weekend. Get those pics submitted – we can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

Author: Pam

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