Quilted Memo Board, and Mounting a Quilt on Canvas

As promised, here’s another quick gift to make from quilted scraps! Enter the quilted memo board, with a tutorial for mounting a quilt on a stretched canvas.

I’ve been considering how best to use the canvases I’ve been gifted from my kids various art projects at school.  Let me say that my daughter is amazing artist, but her medium is not painting, especially painting at age 6, so she fully endorsed my re-use of this canvas for something a little, er… cuter.

Quilted Memo Board

That being said, I quilted a sample piece of leftovers from the Lucky Star Quilt Along scraps into a sample piece about 10 x 12″ or so; your size will vary based on the size canvas you’re working with.  I’d recommend trimming your quilted piece to about 2″ bigger than your canvas size, so a 8 x 10″ canvas will need a quilted piece about 10 x 12″.  From there, you can leave the piece as-is for some artwork, or you can add the ribbons and corner pockets to make a cute quilted memo board.

Beyond your quilted sample, you’ll need a staple gun and a canvas (links courtesy of Amazon Affiliates).

Author: Pam

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  1. Great idea, and I might add canvas of many sizes are really cheap at Goodwill. I take the really large o es and staple quilt cotton batting for design walls. Portable too.

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