Learn to Make Quilted Fabric Postcards!

We are pleased to announced our newest online class, Make Friends with Quilted Fabric Postcards! Lynn is a big fan of making these fun fabric postcards because they are a quick finish that packs in a lot of creativity, and they use up small bits and scraps of fabric that might otherwise get relegated to the bin. The video above shows just little bit of the information covered in the class, and can be applied to any fabric postcard design on the front (comic book backerboard and postcard stamp are both available from Amazon, courtesy of affiliate links)

The fabric postcard class has five different projects that cover a variety of techniques, including:

  • Crazy quilting
  • Tulle overlay with confetti
  • Thread sketching
  • Fusible applique
  • Fabric dyeing
  • Fabric weaving
  • Couching
  • Bead embellishments

That list of techniques may sound intimidating, but there’s a reason we named it “Make Friends with Quilted Fabric Postcards”. These are friendly, bite-sized projects to take away the intimidation. There is so much information packed into the course, and here’s a sampling of what you can create after taking it:

Quilted Fabric Postcards Online Course

We hope you take a look and sign up for the quilted fabric postcard course, and stay tuned for more quilting chat with friends!

Author: Pam

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