QuiltCon and Beyond

We, along with what felt like a million quilters, descended upon Savannah for QuiltCon last week. On our road trip from Atlanta to Savannah, we had several quite loud and long sing-alongs to some of the songs that inspired our quilt patterns, and some that inspired new quilt patterns. In between the singing, we discussed whether we would get recognized for our little show.

After checking in to the hotel, we walked out to the bus stop to catch a ride to the convention center, and got recognized at the bus stop. It was a very surreal moment that got repeated. Over. And over.

It should go without saying that quilters are the best, and our viewers are the best of the best, so we want to give everything a HUGE thank you to everyone who came up to us with nice words for our show, both for your kindness and for your delight at seeing “someone famous”.

In the spirit of keeping it real, I would like to a confess to a dorky moment that I had, which Lynn saved me from, which is usually how these things go. I am not one to fangirl in general; some would say it’s a hazard of the RBF, but usually I’m up for some goofiness. That’s why we took a selfie with Jenny Doan‘s van and tagged it #EveryVanHasAStory.

We met up with some friends and started walking back into the show floor. One of our friends was specifically looking for Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and lo and behold we rounded the corner and there she was.

So I, in my infinite wisdom, said quite loudly, “THERE’S VICTORIA!” and pointed. Victoria, hearing her name, turned and looked at us, at which point our friend’s jaw dropped because who isn’t shocked when what you put out into the universe comes back to you in a magical way with incredibly awkward timing?

And then I noticed who was standing next to her and hissed (also loudly, because clearly my volume settings were jacked up beyond all hope), “itsJennyDoooooooaaaaaaan”.

Well at this point, we were in for a penny AND a pound so we just awkwardly stood around and waiting for Victoria, Jenny, and some way cooler people than us to finish their conversation. Awkwardly standing is personally one of my core competencies. And because I and our friend had embarrassed ourselves with all the fangirling, we nominated Lynn to go up and ask if we could get a picture with them.

Not shown: me awkwardly hovering my hand around Jenny Doan’s waist because I wasn’t sure I was supposed to touch her after embarrassing myself. I’m sure the creepy caress of my fingertips on her shirt fabric wasn’t unsettling at all.

Shout out to Quiltin’ Jenny and HollyAnne of String and Story for sharing in the adventure that day!

Author: Pam

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  1. That was definitely the highlight of my weekend– as if I didn’t already know how derpy I am, it was made infinitely clear in front of the infinitely classy VFW. I’m glad we could fangirl together! (Though you’ll notice I was entirely too embarrassed to include this story in my blog!)

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  2. Your exuberance may have been awkward for you but I am sure it was enjoyed and appreciated by the, “Queens of Quilting”. Glad you had a great time. I go to the Houston Quilt Show, as I am only 3 hours away. I was not so interested in Quilt Con but will attend one if it is held in Austin looking forward to hearing of your adventures at Quilt Con. shelly beth

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  3. How cool is that for Lynn and you. So proud of you both. I could be somewhat prejudice.

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  4. Definitely my most embarrassing fangirl moment but far from the only one! So glad we got to be dorky together all weekend. It was a blast!

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  5. Best story! I fangirled at an athletic event last year and got a photo of myself with the winner. Big Sweaty dude who grabbed me for a pic and we were smashed together, sweat and all. My adult kids thought it was hilarious and one of my most liked photo on social media ever. my face was a bit red in the pic from the sun …..

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  6. Ha ha this is why i luv you guys you are so “real”

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  7. Don’t know what else you could hAve done in that circumstance! They must understand.

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  8. It was so fun meeting y’all!!! Sorry about my sister and I arguing about whether or not I’m an introvert while I was getting my picture taken with y’all. (I am.).

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