Quilt Stories

We love telling stories about quilts, and we’d love to hear yours!  We’ve started a new series on our YouTube channel dedicated entirely to quilt stories. While the first few episodes are from us here at The Stitch TV Show, we want to add your stories!

Here’s how to submit a story:

  • Get us a video file of you talking about your quilt. It should be at least 720p resolution (pretty standard for most smart phones and webcams), and include both you and the quilt in it somehow.  It can be posted on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box and shared with us at info@thestitchtvshow.com and we’ll upload it to our channel after we get some details from you to cite it properly.
  • Get us an audio file of you telling the story and a good picture of the quilt, resolution at least 1280 x 720 with minimum width of 640 pixels. Most smart phone cameras can handle this resolution; remember that YouTube likes photos that are wider than they are taller!  We can do some video editing to match up your narration with the picture and post that as a video.
  • Send us a written story and picture, which we can read for you on a video.  See above for the picture requirements.

If you want to contribute, just email us at info@thestitchtvshow.com and we’ll get working on it!

Here’s the first episode, which Pam recorded about a quilt she inherited from a family member.