Quilt News from The Stitch TV Show from September

A couple quilt-y updates so you know what to expect from us in the coming weeks!

  • We’ve heard the feedback on the glitches “How Should I Quilt This?” video¬† from Friday. There’s nothing we can do about the Part 1 that dropped, but we plan on re-filming Part 2 with different encoding software. That does push the release date back until late November, though, instead of October as planned. As a result, the 4th Friday in October (when we’re setting up at Quilt Market) will have a different video drop.
  • We are in the throes of finishing up our patterns and shop programs that will be debuting at Market and Festival, in addition to some other fun merchandise.¬† Stay tuned for pictures and previews in the next two weeks!
  • If you haven’t weighed in yet in our Facebook group “What’s Up Stitches?“on tutorials you’d like to see us film, now’s your chance! We’re trying to bank some for while we’re away in Houston. NOTE: To join that group, you’ll have to answer two questions; if we receive requests to join and the questions are not answered, the member requests are rejected; this helps control the spam requests.

Author: Pam

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