One Week Out

So we’re just over a week after the launch of the first episode of The Stitch, and things have gone pretty well by most accounts. Sure, we’ve forgotten half our passwords for various social media account to promote the show, and we have TWO thumbs down on the YouTube episode, but over 700 people have watched the show (and we know at most 350 of those!), and we’ve gotten so much lovely feedback and comments. And more importantly, constructive comments that truly are constructive and will help make the show better going forward.

We had a consultation today in the studio (aka Lynn’s basement) with a friend who knows so much more than us about lighting and video production, and did some lighting improvements and tweaks to the video settings. We got input from another friend with a degree in film on production and uploading. We got suggestions about showcasing our challenge results from another friend.

Lighting check for @thestitchtvshow !

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There has been so much helpfulness and support! It one of the reasons we love the quilting community. So thank you, thank you for the likes and the shares and helpful comments.

But those two dislikes? You get the Disenchanted Mailbag Faces (the DMF):

Disenchanted Mailbag Faces, or DMF if you're nasty.

Disenchanted Mailbag Faces, or DMF if you’re nasty.

DMF photo courtesy of photo·play by 77peaches enterprises, LLC.  Contact Kelly for inquiries.

Author: Pam

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  1. Love the DMF! I haven’t watched the show but will endeavor to do that soon. I am sure there are lots more people out there who want to help. Good work!

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  2. It’s all so exciting! I am happy for both of you. I enjoy hearing about the process of the stitch tv show and can’t wait for more episodes.

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  3. Pam has a better DMF than I do. So I will work on mine for the next episode. But I did like the idea that those are not really thumbs down but thumbs up from our New Zealand fans which we now have two! -lynn

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  4. I really enjoyed the show. Thanks for your hard work. I’m looking forward to many more.

    P.S. Pam I’ve listened to your podcast ever since it started. Love it and the kitties, even though I’m a dog person.

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