Oh, Hello There.

So Lynn and I are starting A Thing. A Quilting, Talking, Fun-Having, Money-Making sort of thing, we hope. ┬áThat last thing, the money thing, is the icky part of any business, isn’t it? Talking about it, haggling over it, wrangling spreadsheets.

In addition to talking about quilts and sharing techniques and interact with all of you lovely people, we’d also like to turn this Thing into a legitimate business. It’s hard work, and we’re still figuring things out, but I wanted to carve out a little old piece of the blog here to talk about starting a business, and what it takes, and what sorts of decisions you have to make.

Also, exactly how many pieces of cake it takes to fill the void left by making a hard decision. So far, the answer is: two pieces of cake. Or possibly one piece and the icing scraped off another, with the leftover stump buried in the trash.

So, stay tuned for our little ol’ show, premiering later this month, and my podcast weekly, and some good old fashioned honesty and insight on starting a small business.

Also: cake. We’re gonna need a LOT of cake.

Author: Pam

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