Announcing the National Quilting Day Color Lecture!

We’re so pleased to announced our first (hopefully annual) National Quilting Day live color lecture! We’ll be broadcasting an hour long lesson on fabric color, value, texture, and placement in some real live quilt examples on March 16, 2019.  The live broadcast will start at 3pm US Eastern over on our learning platform site, but don’t worry if you can’t join live! The replay will be available for you to watch at your leisure.

This is a little different from our normal livestreams; as this is a video course, the cost is $5.00. After March 16, the cost will go up to $10, so if you’re interested, go ahead and purchase now, even if you have to watch it after March 16.

The lecture will be broken down into several segments to discuss and showcase :

  • Principals of Color and Print: A high level overview of some basic tenets in mixing colors and prints in fabric selection for quilting.
  • Quilt Block Challenge: We’ve given each other a fat quarter of fabric two weeks before the event, with the requirement that each have to make a quilt block from it. This exercise will include discussion on color value, placement, print scale, and more.
  • Mystery Shop My Stash: We’ll unveil a piece of mystery fabric from a friend that neither of us has seen before. Each will do a live “Shop My Stash” segment and pull fabrics from our own stashes that we think would work with the mystery fabric, and explain our choices.

We’ve fielded questions from fans about how to show some financial support for our show, and this is a great opportunity at a low price point, and you get something in return! We hope even if you’re not interested, you’ll share this with your friends and fellow quilters to help spread the word.

Sign up now for the course! And remember the price goes up after March 16.

Author: Pam

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  1. Cool. Too bad the hydro company has told us they are doing work on our street on March 16!

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