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Due to some coincidental travel plans (Lynn and I in different parts of the US) and Quilt Market, it turns out we won’t be available to livestream for either the planned Book Club on Sept 27 or Oct 25. Just because there’s not a livestream doesn’t mean we can’t drop a longform video, however, it just means we need to pre-record something.  We’ve got a couple options and some ideas to try out, so take a minute to vote on what you’d like to see!

If the “How Should I Quilt This” segment comes out on top, we’ll need your help!  We’ll put a call out for pictures of quilt tops that we can print out and do some sketching on for the segment using the overhead cam, so stay tuned if that’s a winner!

We’ll keep this poll open for a week so we’ve got time to prep and pre-record the show before we scurry off to our various end of the month trips. For those interested, Lynn will be teaching and lecturing in Bloomington, IL, and I’ll be traveling for my day job to Boston.

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  1. Quilting has such a diversity of artistry! There are so many aspects to this multifaceted gem! I voted for the book club and there was a request for suggestions on topics. I have enjoyed all of the shows I’ve caught but I’ve not binged watched them all yet. Please forgive me if I’ve missed it, but I’d love a how to quilt it book topic. I have most of Angela Walters books but I know there are tons if awesome quilters out there who would love to profit from my need for their inspiration! Thanks for such a great shows! You two are a joy to watch!

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