In My Neighborhood – Row 1

I’ve been remiss in announcing and posting pictures for the “In My Neighborhood” quilt along, hosted by Quilter Chic!  I (Pam) am designing a row for November, which means I’ve got lots of lead time to see what everyone else’s creative ideas are.

The first row was posted by Cheryl of Quilter Chic in January, and it gave all the designers and participants a starting point from which to build the neighborhood.  With some festive houses and trees, Cheryl designed a very easy starting point for us all to ease in.

Cheryl is going with a single line of Sweetwater fabric to create her neighborhood, but I’ve gone scrappy for mine, and mixed it up with a solid purple background.

In My Neighborhood Row 1

It’s not too late to join in! Check out the instructions for row 1, and look out for row 2 coming out in mid-February from Uncle Paul’s Quilting Company.

Author: Pam

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