Good Fortune Mystery Step 6: Waiting is Hard

When I got the instructions for Step 6 of the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt, I thought, “SWEET! I don’t like string piecing so I’ll just cut out some strips and be done with it.” But then Bonnie told me I had to WAIT and not cut the strips out and, ya’ll, waiting is HARD. So here’s a picture of me distracting myself with the fabric I’m not cutting (YET) and a Facebook filter while I wait for the next clue.

And I hope the clue comes soon because the couple that this quilt is going to be a wedding gift for just got married yesterday! Don’t forget to check out the other quilters’ progress on Bonnie’s link up; most of them were all good quilters and did the string piecing as instructed.

PS – Yes, my Stitch TV Show hoodie is still super comfy! I may have bought one for Lynn and our producer Rae for Christmas as well.

Author: Pam

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