Ready to “Get Spooled” in Quilting?

We like to have a little fun, as you may have guessed from our show, and we completed tickled ourselves when naming this quilt.  The original name was (rather boringly), “Sewing” or even “Sewing Room” given the giant hat-tip to the applique design, but then we started having a little fun about thread and spools and then we landed on “Get Spooled“, which could mean either “get schooled” or “get spoiled” depending on which letters you swap out.

Get Spooled Quilt

We’re big fans of two-block quilts, and this one is no exception. Since this quilt is wallhanging sized at 36″ square, you can tackle it with a yard of background fabric, fat quarters for each of the colors in the blocks, and some scraps for the applique. It’s very scrap friendly!

The instructions cover all of the directions for the basic units within the blocks, and the applique is designed for fusible machine applique (if you need some help with that you can always check out our online video course, too). Full instructions on the optional yarn couching are also included in the pattern; we promise it’s less scary than the first school, but if it really doesn’t appeal the quilt looks great without it, too.

If you want to take it easy on yourself with the applique, too, you can even get the Sewing pre-fused laser cut applique kit from our shop along with the quilt pattern to spoil yourself a little bit, too. It’s almost as good as us showing up to your sewing room to make it for you, but we had to save some of the fun for you to have!

The Get Spooled quilt pattern, and many others, are available on our shop for purchase! You’ll see more of this quilt in the next episode of the quilting talk show.

Author: Pam

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