From Inside the Quilt Fort

Since Lynn and I started filming The Stitch, we made a tradition to host a Christmas / End of Year Party in that weird void week where you lose track of time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  It’s mostly the same crew that is there for actually filming episodes, but with my kids and husband thrown in and an occasional extra friend.

2016 was no exception, and we made special plans to also build a quilt fort (or blanket fort, if you will) so I could teach Lynn the joy of shutting out the world and be literally surrounded by quilts. Normally when I build a quilt fort, there’s a lot more structural elements like card tables and ottomans, and an occasional play tunnel thrown in.  Our tunnels were originally bought for the cats (they make excellent launch tubes for attacking each other), but they were later used for the human children at my house, too.

Here is a sample from my house:

It's nice to know my quilts are structurally sound.

And here is a short time lapse video of Lynn, my kids, and I building one out of chairs, rubberbands, and quilts. If you pay attention, you’ll see a couple of those rubber bands popping off and nearly putting out someone’s eye. Most of them went towards Rae, which was supervising from the chair due to her broken leg.

(Shout out to the Belinda quilt on top!)

And in classic fashion, after borrowing one of Rae’s crutches to help with the structural integrity, we filmed a short episode from inside the fort.  Several surprise guests helped: the role of The Heckler is played by my son. And the infamous Josie and Giacomo make an appearance at the end.

Author: Pam

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  1. I want to come to your parties! As a child, we built forts quite often using sheets, blankets, & towels, using jump ropes and clothes pins to hold it all together. Sometimes inside using the ping pong table, but best when outside using a tree as the main support! Fond memories!

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