Free Motion Quilting Video: Tree and Bird

One of the requests that Lynn and I get frequently when we ask for topic suggestions is more video how-to content on quilting. We’re amazed at this because when we started the talk show, it was because we felt there were already so many other tutorial videos and we wanted to stand out from the crowd. The good news is, the talk show isn’t going anywhere, and if you aren’t subscribed to the channel, you might miss the Tuesday episodes that drop on how-to’s and projects.

I recently make a low-volume baby quilt for a co-worker that used several different quilting designs in it: filling in an applique bird, quilting the outline and bark texture of a tree, and wavy lines to fill in the background.  In case you missed it when it dropped back in September, you can see the first one above! The series starts with how I used a projector to mark the quilt design, and then the next 3 videos show the quilting designs and techniques.

Author: Pam

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