Final wind-down of The Stitch TV Show

As we prepare for the final wind-down of The Stitch TV Show business and its affiliated digital properties, please make a note of these milestones:
  • Sept 18 – The Facebook group “What’s Up Stitches?” will be archived. This means the historic posts can still be seen but no new posts can be made, and no new members will be accepted.
  • Sept 30 – The Facebook page for The Stitch TV Show will be archived and FB will show the business as closed.
  • Sept 30 – The shop website will be taken down. All products will be removed, and we will no longer respond to customer inquires. If you bought a digital pattern from us, please download the PDF by Sept 30. If you need help with that, we’re around to help until Sept 30. Please note that Lynn and Pam individually retain intellectual property rights for each of our quilt designs, so you may not post the PDFs for free anywhere on the internet at any point.
  • This website will stay up for the foreseeable future. There will come a time when the website will get taken down because maintenance fees and requirements will not be worth it. That date is not yet set.
  • The videos on the YouTube channel will stay up for the foreseeable future. There have been some select ones taken down for privacy reasons (Pam’s choice on her content).
  • Lynn is working through the plans for the video class site She will share those plans directly with current learners on the platform.

Author: Pam

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