Deb Luttrell of Stitchin’ Heaven Sewlebrity Soft Pants Stitch-In

In this episode of the Sewlebrity Soft Pants Stitch-In, Lynn and Pam chat with Deb Luttrell of the Texas quilt shop Stitchin’ Heaven! Learn more about quilt cruises, how to delicately curse like a proper lady, and why you should avoid a certain salted caramel candy.

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Author: Pam

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  1. I’ll try to make this short! I love you girls. And I love Deb Luttrell. I went on one of her quilt cruises last summer out of Galveston. It was a blast. She and her team really know how to do this. You want for nothing! So well done. I can’t wait to go again.

    I work downtown Houston. Just blocks from the convention center where the Quilt Market/Festival is held, so it’s easy for me to attend. So this year, after watching you girls since last summer when I found you (I think from something quilty I was searching for on Pinterest) I tried to watch to see Lynn there and get my pin. Alas, I didn’t see her. BUT. I wanted y’all to know I bought tiny snips from the Famore guys and told them I found out about them through your show. They were thrilled and high-fived me. Also, I visited briefly with Bill and Weeks and let them know that I found them through your show, also. They were pleased to know that, but a bit more subdued. That’s okay. The best was when I stopped by David Gilleland’s booth. Bless him – I didn’t realize that I had mixed him up in my mind with your friend, Brian, from your virtual stitch-ins. So I’m surprised when I recognize his name and his quilts, but he didn’t look anything like he did on your show. He insisted he looked the same. He even took off his cap for me to get a good look at him. I still wasn’t convinced. Poor darling, he was confused. I was confused. It didn’t go well. I walked off in a fog and didn’t figure out the problem until the next day. When I wasn’t there! I should send him an apology.

    But, nevermind him. I love your friend Brian. I hope you keep inviting him for your stitch-ins this year.

    I love Pam’s podcast. I listen to it in my car during my commute to and from work, along with your shows after I’ve already watched them on my computer.

    Two last things. I love all your tips. Especially Lynn’s about the mineral oil/thread. And, Pam’s tutorial on binding. Okay three – love the cameo appearances from the dogs and the cats.

    I hope to meet you this year if you do decide to come to Houston in November! Robin

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