Cutting Jelly Roll Strips for the Lucky Star Quilt

This week, we’re tackling the cutting for the Lucky Star Quilt! If you’re using a commercial jelly roll, you’ve already got your strips cut. If you’ve chosen your fabrics from yardage like Lynn did for my sample for the quilt-along, this week’s video is for you.

Lucky Star Quilt PatternThis video is actually in two parts; the first is cutting the strips to make sure you aren’t getting the dreaded “v” cut in your yardage across the width of fabric (or WOF). That tip also works for cutting all the inner and middle border pieces for the quilt. The second part is a bonus tip on stacking your fabric strips to cut the pieces for the pattern to avoid shifting and bulk when cutting multiple pieces.

Once you’re done with the strip cutting, it’s time to tackle the background fabric. We’ve got the cutting instructions in the pattern written to cut the largest pieces first, that way you lessen the chances of running out of fabric if you need to recut anything.  If you want a little refresher on cutting the long outer border strips, revisit the first part of our video on Cutting and Stitching Long Borders.

Once you’re done with the cutting, take a minute to relax, and maybe catch the quilting book club on Friday night at 7pm US Eastern! Next week we’ll piece the blocks, and we’ve got a fun video on four different ways to tackle the sew and flip method.

Don’t forget, the pattern comes with three sizes of quilts – couch (74 x 74″), twin (74 x 92″), or queen (92 x 92″). The number of strips you need will increase for the bigger sizes, but a standard jelly roll can make either the couch or the twin. You’ve still got plenty of time to catch up if you’ve not got the pattern yet!

  • Aug 6: Introduction
  • Aug 13: Picking Fabrics
  • Aug 20: Cutting
  • Aug 27: Stitching Blocks
  • Sep 3: Piecing the Top
  • Sep 10: Selecting a Quilt Design and Quilting

Click through to our shop to see the pattern and the fabric requirements to see if you want to dive in and participate; on the pattern page, click on “Description” to see the fabric requirements. The videos in the series will be freely available even if you’re not participating in the quilt along, and we’d love to see what you make!

Author: Pam

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