Coloring Book Quilting on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilt Show

Last year, Lynn was filmed and debuted the “coloring book quilting” technique on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilt show.  That first episode is now available on YouTube for all to watch; we’re not sure when/if the second part will drop, though, so we’re staying tuned with the rest of you!  It’s worth noting at the time of this blog post The Quilting Company mislabeled it with the wrong quilter and title, which is a bummer, but we’re hoping they fix it soon.

Lynn is showing this technique on one of our applique patterns, Nifty Christmas.  If you want to try coloring book quilting yourself, you can get the digital pattern on our shop, or try any of our other applique patterns with this same technique!

Author: Pam

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  1. Lynn you did a great job!

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